About Us

Hudson Technologies Europe S.r.l. (HTE) is the exclusive licensee for the European Union, the Middle East and North Africa technology of Hudson Technologies Inc..  With headquarters in New York and listed on the market Nasdaq, Hudson Technologies Inc. is the  world leader in the regeneration of refrigerants. The experience gained on the handling and treatment of refrigerants has allowed the achievement of excellent skills on their impact in performance of cooling and air conditioning systems.

HTE is part of the group Safety Hi-Tech. S.r.l. which has over twenty years of experience in the production and recovery of refrigerants  used as fire extinguishing agents.  The company, headquartered in Rome, serves customers worldwide and offers, at the premises in Avezzano (AQ), an  Authorised Collection Centre  pursuant to the regulations on ozone depleting substances (Program Agreement) and on the waste (Single Authorisation under former art. 208 of Legislative Decree 152/2006).

HTE is the result, therefore, of the merger of two similar and complementary experiences. The expertise gained by Safety Hi-Tech S.r.l. in the treatment of extinguishing gases and hazardous waste, is combined the technological exclusive leverage of Hudson Technologies Inc. Therefore, if your requirement is for the recovery, regeneration and disposal of refrigerants, also on-site, we are able to offer an exclusive service. All these, however, are not the only features that make HTE simply unique: through the use of our patented software, a team of chemists and engineers are able to optimize your system, reducing operating costs and energy consumption.

We invite you to know us better, visiting our website or contacting us by phone or by email. We will be ready to serve you and help you with any needs related to the world of refrigerants  .